Blog Challenge, Day 3: Debate This

**Day 3’s blog will post early on the 4th.

In case you missed it, Obama got spanked quite soundly in a debate on the economy tonight. Romney, being a business man and leader, knew his stuff and gave no quarter.

Because I’m feeling quirky, and because I’m just plain tired, I decided to sum up their debate points and put it in terms that almost anyone could understand (you’re welcome, Biden!). For that I will use chickens.

On Jobs and Taxes:

America needs omelets. Obama’s plan to feed America consists of taking more eggs from the highest-grossing layers. Romney’s plan consists of increasing the number of chickens who are laying eggs. One of these plans is sustainable and will work. The other will get you pecked to death (or else your chickens will outsource. see: Chicken Run).

On Healthcare:

Every American, at some point, will need a chicken. Obama’s plan is to assemble a group of unelected farmers who get to decide what type and how many chickens you can have. You can buy chicken feed from your local store only, or else pay a feed tax. Romney’s plan is to allow your local elected farmers to decide to what extent chicken ownership should be regulated, and then ensures you can buy chicken feed from any store, or grind your own feed as needed. One of these plans gives you more options and power. The other results in chicken shortages and higher taxes.

I hope this helps break down all that fancy talk about the economy so that everyone can understand it. If not, well, you’re probably a city pigeon and there’s no hope for you.

I leave you with this.. enjoy!