Blog Challenge, Day 11: Frustration

Frustration reigns tonight.

I’ve only just watched the VP debate and I AM FRUSTRATED.

Martha Raddatz is a HORRENDOUS moderator. She didn’t control the time well, interrupted Paul Ryan, and kept Biden from going completely off the rails, which I was rather looking forward to.

Paul Ryan was infuriatingly polite through it all. He answered questions, stated facts, quietly listened to the lunatic sitting beside him, and explained complex math in a way that even I could follow. With a smile.

Joe Biden was quite simply INFANTILE. He was smirking and smug, condescending and rude, and he continually interrupted Paul Ryan. ALL NIGHT. He jumped in to speak when questions were directed to Ryan. He sat there and chuckled when serious issues were being discussed, such as the death of our ambassador to Libya and the stagnant economy. 

So, yes, frustration reigns supreme.

It shouldn’t get to me. I know that our current leaders can’t run on their record of failure. They’re allergic to truth. They have taken no responsibility for anything, rather blaming everyone else for the “mess they inherited.” They have no plan for recovery other than “tax the rich!”.  My dad always said “Debt is the hardest taskmaster.” and I have never seen anyone pay off a debt when they keep adding to it.

The Democrat strategy, it would seem, is to be an insufferable asshole.

It’s very Alinsky. Attack, mock, try to rattle your opponent and point out when they don’t live up to their principles even if you don’t have any. I suppose it was best that Ryan was insanely polite. Anything less would have been fodder for more Alinskyite propaganda.

I’m terribly glad it’s over. I have no desire to speculate on who won the debate. Ryan won cerebrally, Biden won emotionally, blah blah…

I’m more concerned with America winning, and it’s clear that if we are stuck with Obama/Biden for 4 more years America is going to lose irrecoverably.

We can’t afford not to get this right.

Let’s roll.