Blog Challenge, Day 2: Lady Parts

Just when I feared I would have nothing to write about today, the Obama campaign blessed me with this extraordinary gift:

The shameless and blatant pandering of the Obama campaign is the gift that keeps on giving. They have finally boiled down their cries of “war on women” to this single idea:

Women are vaginas.

That’s it! Our only concern this election season should be whether or not birth control is subsidized.

Never mind that we don’t all want or need birth control.

We have been reduced to our “lady parts”!

It’s so laughable!!!

You can’t even pretend this is a fiscal issue! In my last post (comments) I did the math on the percentage of women who use the pill. In the post before that I addressed the last ridiculous campaign meme aimed at women coming from the Obama camp. They aren’t even close to addressing the concerns of most women! I’m expected to care that Obama wants to subsidize a product I don’t even use? I’m supposed to be grateful that he’s raising taxes on my family to subsidize a product that I don’t even use!? Really, Obama?!?

Here’s some “lady parts” that I’m concerned about:

  1. My pretty lady wallet, which is a lot lighter these days. We need jobs!
  2. My lady mom van, which costs $50+ to fill up.
  3. My freedom to carry a subcompact lady gun to protect myself with.
  4. The loss of freedom my little ladies will suffer due to government overreach.
  5. The little ladies who are culled from society because of gender-selective abortion.
  6. Josephine Terry’s lady heart, and all the hearts broken because of the loss of life and property due to our unsecured borders and your gun-running.

Since you’re so concerned about lady parts how about you focus on those and leave me to handle my bedroom business in private, as it should be?

h/t to Twitchy