Real Talk About Culture, The Female Vote, and Matt Walsh

I’ve heard a lot of opinions over the last few days concerning Matt Walsh and culture, but one thing has stuck with me that I feel needs to be addressed, and I intend to do that in short here and now so that I can return to enjoying my last day of vacation. 

The point that I saw, which was brought up in a Facebook thread, was that Matt writes primarily for a female audience and that if we (the right) are somehow overlooking this audience, then maybe we should pay a little attention to what this asshole is saying about culture (because he couldn’t possibly have anything else to teach us, amiright?).

To be quite blunt, yes, you are alienating women. It is your own fault. Matt is reaching this demographic in a way in which you scoff at, and instead of listening you simply try to marginalize him…and along with him, his following. The following that you, despite your best efforts, cannot seem to swing to your side in elections. That following. 

Let me get straight to the point, because I have a room full of eager girls who are chomping at the bit to go to the beach right now…

Matt addresses the broader culture. He speaks to the importance of family, Christian values, and the need to respect each other. It strikes at the heart. It also strikes at the problems (and solutions) of culture, whether it be pop culture or any other kind you may wish to “engage.” His delivery may leave something to be desired, but his message is sound. I won’t rant, again, about how ridiculous I think attacking a person over delivery is when you can’t refute their point, because I’ve done that countless times. The fact is that culture is like a long and winding river. We each experience it in different ways in our lives, we each engage it differently. Some approach it with more enthusiasm and excitement. Some with trepidation. But the river has a genesis: a spring from which everything else flows; the foundation of society- namely, the family. 

So if one more person tries to tell me that Matt Walsh is not interested in engaging the culture, I will be forced to slam your head into the nearest wall. Because UGH. That’s literally what he does every single frickin day. Just because he doesn’t employ your method, or even validate your method, doesn’t mean that he isn’t on the front lines of the culture wars. So stop already. It makes you look petty. 

Which brings me back to the point of how we are losing women and Matt is not…

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m disgusted with people on the right. I have lost respect for many of you. The reason is that the “big tent” is more of a frat house than a circus. Seriously. 

You are so freaking concerned with not being seen as “stuffed shirts”, prudes, “out of touch”, etc, that you have become as bad as liberals in your behavior. You are now the enemy. You are contributing to the cultural decay.

All you “conservative” (I use that term loosely) men, in your efforts to appear “hip” and cool and ALPHA (oh my GAWD how I hate that word now), you have become pre-pubescent boys. You have zero respect for women. You treat us like toys to be played with… until, of course, you need to reach out to women for votes. Just ease off your butthurt for a moment and think about it… you’re constantly, incessantly, obsessively, talking about BEWBS. OMG BOOBS. They’re so amazing and wonderful and SHOW ME YOURS, PLEASE, BECAUSE I’M AN ALPHA MALE RAAWWWRR!! 

Child, please. A man doesn’t advertise his masculinity by objectifying women, he does so by uplifting them. Guess who’s been uplifting women? If you guessed Matt Walsh, you’re right! He’s always praising his wife, his daughters, talking about how wonderful and talented and beautiful they are and how he wishes to shelter them from all the bad things in the world. THAT message speaks to women. The “I’m an alpha and I like boobs and bacon and hey let’s hook up” message? Not so much. 

As for you “women” (yeah, loosely) who feed into that “alpha” bullshit and bathe in the validation of having internet Romeos tell you how hawt you are? Yeah, you act like teenage girls. Think, for a moment, how difficult a relationship is in our current society. Think about what feminism has done to degrade women and turn us into sex fiends who want/need casual and meaningless sex. You are now a part of that. Men ask to see your tits (most of the time, they don’t even have to ask) and you oblige. And the panting masses drool and breathe close to their screens because APPARENTLY they’ve never seen a rack before. Yet they’re alphas. *eyeroll* And you alienate other women because really who wants their man drooling over you?? You know how hard a relationship can be, yet you continue to throw out roadblocks in everyone else’s. Why? Well, because being flattered feels good. So why not, right? After all, if she can’t keep her man… blah blah blah. Yet if it were your man who was having his ego stroked by random women because he’s an alpha and you’re just a jealous bitch.. well, the shoe doesn’t fit so well when you’re the one wearing it. 

So the short answer is yes, unequivocally, we do have a problem when it comes to women and how they vote on the right. But maybe, just maybe, if women felt they were valued and respected then we wouldn’t. And I get it, you want to undo the damage that liberal policies have done to turn men into whimpering pussies…

But how about instead of encouraging them to act like over-sexed frat boys we encourage them to act like men of good character? Which means, ladies, that you need to behave as ladies and exhibit some good character of your own. Respect yourselves and each other, build one another up with encouragement, keep each other in check with constructive criticism, and instead of living a life divorced from every personal belief you hold sacred, maybe start showing some fruits of your faith in your political walk as well. 

After all, if you want to change the cultural landscape, you’re going to have to stop polluting it. 


Buck up, Nancy-boys.

I’m beginning to deeply mourn the loss of good sense and masculinity in our current age of narcissism and public hissy fits. Normally I reserve such harsh judgement for the liberal sissies who cry foul every time someone disagrees with them, but I’m sad to say that recently it is the querulous reaction of fragile conservative egos that has drawn my ire.

What’s more I’m beginning to feel a repulsion to the D. C. site, which normally I read, but one grown man has decided to publish not well-thought-out political commentary, but what looks like the teary-eyed rantings of a teenage girl’s diary.

“Dear Diary,

Today B was so mean to me! I get it, I say things that people don’t like during announcements in front of the whole school, but whatever! That’s no reason for him to say I like goats! Oh my gosh if it was just a random flyer on the bulletin board it would be totally ok but people listen to him OMG!! I totally went to the guidance counselor AND I texted his parents and I’m totally gonna  announce what a big meanie he is at lunch and I’ll say it REALLY loud in the middle of the cafeteria while talking to Tina! He so deserves it. I can’t let him make people think I like goats. Eww. Nobody will ask me to the dance!”

Seriously. I was a teenage girl once, and I have a teenage girl living with me, so I know how these passive aggressive character assassinations work. The bickering escalates because this girl spreads this rumor and then that girl counters with that rumor and it doesn’t end because NOBODY WILL SHUT UP.

Do I think it’s morally superior to snidely suggest someone gets romantic with animals? No. That’s juvenile humor at best. What irks me, however, is the suggestion that such a poor ‘joke’ would be understandable if only some faceless entity had said it, but since this person has a face, and a following, it’s okay to pursue a personal vendetta using a platform that, quite frankly, should be used to discuss THINGS THAT ACTUALLY MATTER.

If you want to rant about your pet peeves, do so from a personal platform and not one associated with actual news. Otherwise, I will have to assume that the site is no longer interested in things like policy and the economy but in whether or not M feels he’s been aggrieved.

So what should be done? I’m glad you asked.

As a conservative blogger who happens to be a woman, I’m often called derogatory names. Many times my sexual preferences have been commented on- by leftists primarily, but also by ‘conservatives’. I used to try to fight back with barbs of my own, but quickly grew tired of such ugliness. Now I will respond with mockery and disdain, because such ugly personal attacks are worthy of no better. If you tangle with someone who will not argue you with facts but instead relies on nastiness, I suggest you serve them some fresh sarcasm.

If you feel that you’ve been unfairly targeted by someone whom you consider to have some respectability, you may choose a different route. First of all, if this is a colleague of sorts, speak to them directly, with no ulterior motives. It’s what used to be called having a “man-to-man” before men became such whiny little babies. Pretending to want to talk while seeking a quote for your sniveling article is not a man-to-man discussion.

If you cannot resolve things as men, or lack the testicular fortitude to attempt such resolution, then you should just go ahead and write that article showing what a fragile ego you have.

I kid! I kid!!

There is a sure-fire way to insulate yourself from all the big ugly monsters hiding under your online bed: block them. 

You surrender only as much personal peace as you choose to when interacting online. Don’t like a facebook post? Hide it. Offended by a twitterer? Unfollow them. If anyone pursues you into your social cocoon, then block them. When all else fails, set your account settings to private or take your ball and go offline, because life is full of bullies, buttercup, and sooner or later you’re going to have to learn how to deal with them.

But! Butbut!! He said those awful things about me!

Oh yes, I forgot I was dealing with the teenage girl mentality.

Here’s the advice I have given to my own kids: Your friends know that you aren’t like that. Anyone who meets you knows that you aren’t like that. Stupid people will say stupid things. You can’t change that. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you. Someone else’s opinion, or rumor, or whatever, does not change the reality of who you are, so ignore them. Ignore them.

Romans 12:18 “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” <– that includes not propagating drama.

We’re Just Getting Started

Dear Haters,

I realize you’re all celebrating this morning because you think you’ve defeated us. It’s obvious by your eloquent statements such as this:

that you are either adopting some new and mysterious language or you think that now is a time for celebrating. The truth is, we would be celebrating, too, if our candidate had won, so enjoy it while you can.

Ours would have been a short-lived victory party. You see, haters, our work wasn’t done with one election. You think you beat us, but this was never the end game for us. I don’t mean to scare you, but we’re just getting started. 

We’re going to continue to attack Obama’s failed policies. We’re going to continue to point out his hypocrisy. We’re going to continue to talk about the debt, healthcare, Israel, and Benghazi. We’ve only scratched the surface so far.

I know you probably don’t care about any of that because for you this is still about race.

It’s cute how you think black people aren’t going to suffer under Obama’s socialist policies. We’ll continue to fight for the freedom of all Americans while you strut and crow about having a black president, mmkay? Meanwhile perhaps you can ponder what it means to judge a person by the content of their character.

You enjoy your moment of unfettered celebration, because we are not defeated. We will come back better, stronger, and more resilient… just like Rocky Balboa. Then we’re going to beat you like a white Russian.

Oh, you didn’t think I was going to say Apollo, did you? No, they became friends. Apollo and Rocky are like Libertarians and Republicans, but that’s a post for another day.