Discretion, Nudity, and The Mommy Wars

Okay, I have a bone to pick with moms. I try to avoid the Mommy Wars, because you can never win. There is always another mom who is more righteous, educated, experienced, etc. Nonetheless, I must weigh in on this topic: BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC.
This article from NY Daily News is the latest “awareness campaign” to educate the rest of us on the sorrowful plight of young mothers. The poor dears. It seems no one heretofore knew that babies had to suckle from breasts for sustenance. I know, I’m shocked, too. What’s more, these bastions of maternal caring have been relegated to toilets in order to feed their children. Oh, the humanity!
First, let me start by saying that I love babies. Babies are awesome and special and moms deserve respect for carrying babies inside them and going through childbirth. Virtual pat on the back, fellow moms. You’ve sacrificed for other tiny people and you are appreciated!
So, CLEARLY, I’m all for moms, and babies, and moms feeding babies. I don’t think people should freak out when moms feed their babies discreetly. I mean, kids have to eat, and while some babies eat formula, or mushy baby food, or gallons of goldfish crackers, the point is that they all eat. Feeding children is one of the primary jobs of a mother. Along with wiping their tushy and keeping them alive until they can do all these things for themselves. I have no problem with public breastfeeding, just as I have no problem with public any-kind-of-feeding, so long as it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of my own meal.
HOWEVER, when you have a woman who is either 1) just classless or 2) wishes to make a statement: “I’M BREASTFEEDING. LOOK AT MY BREAST. LOOK AT MY SUCKLING CHILD. THIS IS NATURE. DEAL WITH IT.” then those women should not be surprised when they’re asked to take that out of the public eye. (Funny thing about the aforementioned article? They’re complaining about breastfeeding “where nature calls” yet the Exposed Breast Defenders will rant about how breastfeeding is “natural” and therefore protected under ALL THE LAWS.) It’s really about personal responsibility and what a business feels is best for ALL their clientele, not just the offended young mother (or fellow diner). A business owner should be allowed to say to a woman, “I’m sorry, but we’ve had some complaints. If you could take that into the restroom/outside/to your personal vehicle, we would appreciate it.” There are plenty of ways to breastfeed discreetly. There are entire clothing lines dedicated to it. There are blankets (and really, who takes a baby out without a blanket??). Heck, there are pumps and bottles with nipples designed to mimic the breast so that you never even have to expose yourself! You cannot tell me that the only option for a young breastfeeding mother is to be relegated to the toilet to feed her kid. Furthermore, everyone who’s ever had an infant knows that YOU HAVE A SCHEDULE! You don’t just decide to go out and then suddenly are all, “Holy crow! I totally forgot little Johnny needed his boobie time just now!” Like the need to expose yourself just sneaks up on you. NO. You have a schedule. You know that in (x) number of hours, you will need to feed your child. It’s parenting 101. So why, then, are you in a position to have to feed in a restroom? Poor planning, mom. Although I’m sure you would still not be asked to retire to the toilet if you didn’t whip out your boob in front of God and man and that table with the five year old and the twelve year old boy next to you. DISCRETION, people. Learn it. Live it. Teach it to your kids.

I’m sick of these endless “campaigns” and all the raising of the awareness. We’re all aware of where baby milk comes from. Are you aware, dear mothers, that we don’t all want a demonstration? You have a feeding schedule, and there are such things as pumps, yet we’re all still subjected to a graphic demonstration because AWARENESS! ZOMG! I mean really. We’re all sharing space out here in this world. I may feel entitled to do certain things, but I also have a responsibility to behave respectfully in a civilized society, especially out in public. I’m not even weighing in on whether “breast is best” or any of the other catchphrases of the Mommy Wars. As long as you aren’t poisoning your child I don’t care what you feed them. Every child has different needs, appetites, temperaments, etc. You can’t expect your experience to apply across the board. Having said that, you do have to live with the consequences of your actions, and if that means that your public nudity plants you firmly in the restroom, so be it. It also means that if a business owner overreacts to a normal, discreet action of a mother, then you and all your friends can happily take your money elsewhere. After all, businesses speak the language of profit. Use the power you have, just stop whining when you do something meant to provoke and are called on it.

6 thoughts on “Discretion, Nudity, and The Mommy Wars

  1. I breastfed my kids occasionally when we were out… BUT I was always discreet about it. No one ever saw skin. I used a little receiving blanket to cover up. But that was only when they were newborns… once they’re older and have a more established schedule and like to undress mom when they’re feeding, I agree. Take it home.

  2. Erm.
    You do realise that actually breastfed babies absolutely do NOT have a routine. And that many of them absolutely will NOT take a bottle.
    You are being precious. If YOU don’t want to see breastfeeding, stop looking.

    • If your child doesn’t have a routine, it’s because you have failed to establish one. Breastfed babies eat more often than formula fed babies, but there will still be a pattern to their feedings. It’s cute how you want to educate me on babies, but I’ve had three and have both breast and bottle fed. And it’s true, I don’t HAVE to gaze upon public nudity in any of its forms, but I also shouldn’t be subjected to it. Cover up or find somewhere else to feed your baby. Last time I checked, modesty was still a virtue.

    • Do you change diapers at the table in the restaurant also? How about this? Adjust your priorities- and stop thinking that you can take your little baby all over the place everywhere you go. Have your groceries delivered- eat home. I’ve got two kids myself- didn’t drag them all over the place- mostly I stayed home and set routines. They’re teenagers now and yup- they still have routines.

      • I considered, but did not bring up, the diaper issue. Defecating is totally natural and a butt is just a body part, so why make a big deal out of it, right? Except not everyone wants to see your kid’s natural functions… or yours for that matter. I changed/fed my kids plenty of times in my vehicle, or left them with someone while I ran errands. I never asked for everyone else to change to suit me.

      • You think changing a nappy at a table is the same as feeding a baby at a table?
        You are nuts.

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