Remembering a Legend

It’s been a hard year for the conservative movement. One year ago today we lost Breitbart. Then we witnessed the most radical left-wing president in our country’s history get re-elected. We’ve witnessed the grief and division of our friends and mentors and it has hurt us. It has hurt us all.

We found ourselves adrift after the sudden loss of our captain, that lion of liberty, Andrew Breitbart. I felt his loss even though I’m newly come to this world of blogging and citizen journalism. I know others mourn him more deeply than I do.

Long before I ever tweeted or blogged a single thought, I was hooked on the Bigs. I read Big Journalism obsessively. I don’t think it would ever have occurred to me to take up the torch of activism without people like Breitbart, their inspiration and encouragement. For me, it started with hearing that lone voice speaking truth. Once truth takes hold of your mind, you can’t ignore it. I had to share – information, resources, ideas. It became my passion.

I’ve seen my own small efforts realize results. When I would share articles and information it began to spark conversation and debate. Even here, where conservative ideals reign there was anger over speaking truth plainly. Friends would tell me privately, “I completely agree with you. Thank you for being brave enough to say something,” and I would thank them and tell them it was enough to know that someone was listening. With each step towards activism I gained confidence, but it wasn’t until others found their voice that I felt as if I’d accomplished something.

I’ve witnessed the silent majority grow tired of getting brow-beaten with the politically correct government approved messaging. I’ve seen them begin their own campaigns for truth, heard them speak out against misinformation. Sometimes all it takes is knowing you aren’t alone.

Today I remember Andrew Breitbart in my own small way. My intent is not to increase your grief or leave you in tears over the loss of such a great man. What I want to do is honor his work and that spark of passion and genius in him that ignited a movement.

So here’s to Big thinking,

To reaching millions through conservative radio programs,

To bringing down a President with just a blue dress,

To hijacking press conferences,

To exposing the corruption of ACORN,

To the peaceful protest of the TEA party,

To bullying the bullies of occupy.

Here’s to the spark that lit a fire in all of us, may we hold the torch of liberty high and light other fires along our way.

R.I.P. Andrew