The Hypocrisy of Liberal Feminism

Remember when the GOP was accused of perpetuating a “war on women” because we felt Sandra Fluke should buy her own birth control rather than demand a Christian school disregard its moral imperative and provide contraception/abortion drugs? It seemed a simple enough concept that Fluke could have bought insurance through another provider or simply paid for her drugs out of pocket since she was economically secure enough to attend a law school, but to the liberal left it was deemed sexist to deny Fluke this one avenue of access to birth control amid so many others available to her even if by granting her request she and her champions of feminism trampled on the religious rights of a Christian university.

Then there was that issue that the professional pearl-clutchers of the liberal left had with Mitt’s “binders full of women”, meaning of course the resumes he received upon request because he felt women were under-represented in government and he planned to hire competent, professional women in his administration. The irony of the faux outrage over this particular “war” was that these defenders of female equality petulantly ignored the fact that Obama’s administration was run like a political boys’ club, with women being paid 18% less than their male counterparts. Yet we were expected to believe that the man who wanted to hire women was anti-woman?

The condescending vultures of equality were cackling with glee when along came Akin and his ignorant remarks about women’s bodies being able to “shut down” a pregnancy resulting from rape. They finally had something to be legitimately offended at after all their cries of sexist wolf. They were beyond elated to find that when they flung their political poo, some of it actually stuck, and they increased their cries of HATE!, MISOGYNY!, and SEXISM! while parading around in vagina costumes and pontificating about the plight of the downtrodden American female.

Good times, huh?

One has to wonder where all this passionate feminism retreated to when instead of a Republican politician talking about binders it was a Democrat Senator who was being investigated for a list of offenses, including having sex with underage girls. Amazing how the liberal screeching about “war on women” stops cold in the face of actual abuse.

It is also quite telling that when Akin made his comments about “legitimate rape” he was immediately the target of rape threats and death threats…. not just directed at him, but at his family as well. Such is leftist tolerance. Akin’s point was that children who are the product of rape shouldn’t be punished, but that the rapist should be. His bigger point was lost when he spoke ignorantly, confusing biology and statistics, and he was excoriated by the left.

Enter Democrat Rep. Salazar a few months later. Salazar took a page from Akin’s book and turned it into a novel with even more idiotic embellishments. Rep. Salazar was arguing in favor of the nanny state’s latest assault on freedom, namely gun control, when he condescended to women in the most atrocious way possible short of pulling a Bill Clinton or Kennedy-esque type stunt and personally assaulting them. Rather than physically attacking women himself, the Democrat representative simply wants to make it easier for other men to assault women! You see, Salazar suggested that women attending college are too high strung to be trusted with firearms for self-defense. He said we may “feel” as if we are going to be raped, but that we may not be in any danger of actually being raped. His suggestion? Blow a whistle or hope that your attacker respects a “safe zone.” (Because we all know how rapists respect boundaries. Cue *eyeroll*)

Please just take a moment and let that sink in…

What could possibly go wrong with Salazar’s well-intended attempt to save mankind from the histrionics of confused, unhinged females when, in a show of liberal-grade we-know-better-than-you stupidity, the University of Colorado (UCCS) actually advised women to scream, run away, take your abuse like a good little girl, explain you’re menstruating, and vomit or otherwise soil yourself. Salazar and the UCCS do not feel you should endanger your attacker but should make yourself a less desirable victim.

Less desirable, perhaps, but still a victim.

Yes, the party that fancies themselves champions of women’s rights and equality have a politician who openly stated that he wished to infringe upon the Constitutional rights of women because he feels they may be confused in their tiny female brains about what an actual sexual attack is. After the Akin debacle you would think that Salazar would be debased in equal measure, but the irony is that liberals are less offended at a case of legitimate misogyny than they are at the well-deserved mockery of such sneering idiocy.

Seriously… even if I tried really hard and clicked my heels together 3 times, I couldn’t make this up.

Rather than attack a fellow liberal over insanely stupid comments questioning the emotional stability of women, liberal harpies are attacking people who call out Salazar on his misogyny!

(Solidarity! Or something…)

Liberals have spent so much time chasing victimhood down the rabbit-hole that they can no longer comprehend life without it. While conservatives are saying “Don’t be a victim. Arm yourself; defend yourself! If anyone is going to wet their pants it should be your attacker (after he gets a good look at your Glock),” liberals are incensed at what they call “victim-blaming.”


Rather than deal with the reality that rape happens, liberals are furious that we would dare suggest that women may need to actually protect themselves against violence. They honestly feel that to prevent rape, you simply shouldn’t rape!

Well, that’s just fantastic advice! If I ever pass by a mirror and feel a sudden urge to rape myself I’ll simply breathe deeply and talk myself out of it! Then I’ll walk to a “safe zone” so that I’m absolutely 100% sure that I won’t assault myself in some way.

Yes, friends, the uproar from those stalwart defenders of women’s rights is directed at those of us who know that there is evil in the world and who would trust women to defend themselves against it rather than suggest that women are simply over-emotional and incapable of recognizing a legitimate threat.

But what do I know? I’m just a woman.

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7 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Liberal Feminism

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  2. HoosierDaddy says:

    If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be now: modern feminism isn’t committed to women’s rights; it is committed to promoting the Progressive policies of the Democrat Party. Just has they have succeeded in doing with black Americans, Progressives are trying to convince women that they are members of an oppressed class with special grievances against the White European Patriarchy. They claim, by virtue of their unique enlightened status, to be able to speak for all women, to know what the aspirations of all women should be, and to know how all women should lead their lives. Their goal is fourfold: to push women further leftward, to undermine traditional social relationships, to intimidate and silence with a charge of class treason any woman who would dare challenge their authority, and to eventually create the Utopia of their dreams.

    Feminism, Progressivism, and the Democrat Party are inseparable, and ideological loyalty has the highest priority. Robert Menendez may exploit teenage girls for sex, but his political importance makes him immune to criticism. Firearms ownership may be the best way for women to defend themselves, but the desire of Progressives that women be dependent upon the state for protection outweighs their concern for the actual safety of women.

    Make no mistake: real feminism on the Left is dead. The real feminists are on the right: women who believe in making independent decisions, women who believe in the empowerment that comes with self-defense, women who understand that their families won’t succeed unless their country succeeds.

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