Buck up, Nancy-boys.

I’m beginning to deeply mourn the loss of good sense and masculinity in our current age of narcissism and public hissy fits. Normally I reserve such harsh judgement for the liberal sissies who cry foul every time someone disagrees with them, but I’m sad to say that recently it is the querulous reaction of fragile conservative egos that has drawn my ire.

What’s more I’m beginning to feel a repulsion to the D. C. site, which normally I read, but one grown man has decided to publish not well-thought-out political commentary, but what looks like the teary-eyed rantings of a teenage girl’s diary.

“Dear Diary,

Today B was so mean to me! I get it, I say things that people don’t like during announcements in front of the whole school, but whatever! That’s no reason for him to say I like goats! Oh my gosh if it was just a random flyer on the bulletin board it would be totally ok but people listen to him OMG!! I totally went to the guidance counselor AND I texted his parents and I’m totally gonna  announce what a big meanie he is at lunch and I’ll say it REALLY loud in the middle of the cafeteria while talking to Tina! He so deserves it. I can’t let him make people think I like goats. Eww. Nobody will ask me to the dance!”

Seriously. I was a teenage girl once, and I have a teenage girl living with me, so I know how these passive aggressive character assassinations work. The bickering escalates because this girl spreads this rumor and then that girl counters with that rumor and it doesn’t end because NOBODY WILL SHUT UP.

Do I think it’s morally superior to snidely suggest someone gets romantic with animals? No. That’s juvenile humor at best. What irks me, however, is the suggestion that such a poor ‘joke’ would be understandable if only some faceless entity had said it, but since this person has a face, and a following, it’s okay to pursue a personal vendetta using a platform that, quite frankly, should be used to discuss THINGS THAT ACTUALLY MATTER.

If you want to rant about your pet peeves, do so from a personal platform and not one associated with actual news. Otherwise, I will have to assume that the site is no longer interested in things like policy and the economy but in whether or not M feels he’s been aggrieved.

So what should be done? I’m glad you asked.

As a conservative blogger who happens to be a woman, I’m often called derogatory names. Many times my sexual preferences have been commented on- by leftists primarily, but also by ‘conservatives’. I used to try to fight back with barbs of my own, but quickly grew tired of such ugliness. Now I will respond with mockery and disdain, because such ugly personal attacks are worthy of no better. If you tangle with someone who will not argue you with facts but instead relies on nastiness, I suggest you serve them some fresh sarcasm.

If you feel that you’ve been unfairly targeted by someone whom you consider to have some respectability, you may choose a different route. First of all, if this is a colleague of sorts, speak to them directly, with no ulterior motives. It’s what used to be called having a “man-to-man” before men became such whiny little babies. Pretending to want to talk while seeking a quote for your sniveling article is not a man-to-man discussion.

If you cannot resolve things as men, or lack the testicular fortitude to attempt such resolution, then you should just go ahead and write that article showing what a fragile ego you have.

I kid! I kid!!

There is a sure-fire way to insulate yourself from all the big ugly monsters hiding under your online bed: block them. 

You surrender only as much personal peace as you choose to when interacting online. Don’t like a facebook post? Hide it. Offended by a twitterer? Unfollow them. If anyone pursues you into your social cocoon, then block them. When all else fails, set your account settings to private or take your ball and go offline, because life is full of bullies, buttercup, and sooner or later you’re going to have to learn how to deal with them.

But! Butbut!! He said those awful things about me!

Oh yes, I forgot I was dealing with the teenage girl mentality.

Here’s the advice I have given to my own kids: Your friends know that you aren’t like that. Anyone who meets you knows that you aren’t like that. Stupid people will say stupid things. You can’t change that. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you. Someone else’s opinion, or rumor, or whatever, does not change the reality of who you are, so ignore them. Ignore them.

Romans 12:18 “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” <– that includes not propagating drama.


2 thoughts on “Buck up, Nancy-boys.

  1. Are you saying they should treat social media like a *gasp* free market? (Rhetorical question, friendly reply) =D

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