Viva la Resolution!

Well, it’s that time again, folks…

New Year! 2013 edition

That means for the next couple of months your friends are going to be annoying you with constant updates as to the progress of their good intentions Resolutions. Social media will be all astir with…

Pictures of  ‘diet’ food as evidence that I did TOO have a salad for lunch! See?!

happy-woman-eating-saladYum! Eating rabbit food makes me deliriously happy!

Statuses and check-ins from various gyms

I’m feeling the burn, man!! I’m COMMITTED! …by contract. Crap.

And the weekly weigh-in!


I lost 3 pounds this week! Woot!” 

Can you tell how excited I am? I’m positively radiating excitement am I not?

It’s not that I’m not happy when my friends decide to pursue a healthy lifestyle. I’m delighted for them when they feel good about themselves. The thing is, these resolutions flood my social media with constant updates of overly ambitious goals.

I simply don’t understand it… You’ll spend tonight eating and drinking decadently only to spend tomorrow nibbling greens and sipping lemon water… and you’ll pretend to like it. Why?!

Oh, that’s right. It’s all about getting a head start on ‘swimsuit season.’ How silly of me. I thought you were interested in a healthy LIFESTYLE. My bad.

That actually makes sense, though, seeing as how the annoying updates will trickle to almost nothing by March and then there will be an upsurge of exercise and tanning statuses around May… only to be followed by an almost reverent treatment of ‘holiday food’ come fall.

“Just keep eating the spring greens until summer, I can do this, it’s all about the beach. Focus, Janie, FOCUS!”

It’s insane to spend the first half of the year starving yourself and the second half of the year stuffing yourself.

You may wonder who I am to take such a superior view of dieting and blog down to you about it…

I’m a woman. I’ve lived most of my life with body image issues because society bombards me with ads and campaigns designed to make me want to be something other than what I am. Before I was ever called ‘fat’ I was called ‘scrawny.’ It doesn’t seem to matter what size I am, to someone it’s the wrong size. I know that other women deal with body image issues as well because they talk about it. Constantly. 

Enough already!

You aren’t going to be perfect because there is no standard of perfection. 

So stop jumping on the crash diet bandwagon every time the annual counter ticks off another year gone by. Enjoy food. Enjoy food! Try new things, add more fruit and vegetables to your diet, eat pie and ice cream, and just enjoy food. Then go exercise! Exercise makes you feel good. You’ll be happier. You won’t be happier if you pull a muscle and pass out because you’re trying to overdo it, so don’t do that. Go for a walk. Learn how to golf. Play ball. Stop treating food and exercise like tasks or vices and just accept that it’s part of life.

It’s always good to want to improve yourself, but the best improvements are the kind that last. Don’t stress over dropping 20lbs in 3 months, just decide what you can do this week, today, to move you closer to that goal.

Diet is what you eat. Lifestyle is how you live. Those aren’t bandwagon concepts, but realities, so quit obsessing and just live.

Okay, let’s talk.

Stupid lefties, moaning over how it’s ‘easier’ to buy a gun than get an abortion. Like abortion hasn’t killed MILLIONS. Idiots. The faux concern over the safety of children is the height of hypocrisy when you support abortion on demand. Obama was totally okay with letting a baby slowly starve to death after it miraculously survived an abortion, but now we need to ‘talk‘ about guns…

Fine, let’s talk about guns. Let’s talk about running guns to Mexican drug cartels and how our border agents didn’t even have ammo. Let’s talk about Brian Terry, and why he died, and how Obama and Holder tried to keep a lid on it. Let’s talk about Benghazi, and how Obama DIDN’T want to protect Americans from terrorists with guns there. Let’s talk about Arab springs, and summers, and winters, and how Muslim extremists are armed with U.S. weapons.

You want to talk about guns? Let’s talk about guns. But you don’t get to limit the conversation to one incident. We get to talk about the gun/life issues that make this administration look like blood thirsty savages at worst, and tyrants at best.

We get to talk about how a man in a shopping mall stopped a gunman because he was carrying a concealed weapon, or how a woman stopped a shooting at a nail salon, or how an 18 yr old widow saved herself and her baby when she shot the men who broke into her house. Let’s talk about the little girl who hid from an intruder in a closet while ON THE PHONE with 911 (who took considerably longer to get to her than would have been ‘safe’) or how a teenage boy protected his siblings from armed home invaders.

Let’s talk about how ordinary citizens are more responsible with weapons than the Obama administration has been.

Just for kicks, and because I like to see the good guys win (and watch thugs do stupid things like trample each other), I leave you with this video:

New tone? Mich. Democrat threatens violence over right-to-work vote; ‘There will be blood’; Update: Mich. Dems proudly tweet violence threat; Update: Video added; Thugs follow-through; AFP tent stormed, Steven Crowder punched; Update: More thug violence caught on video

Leftists are always the first to cry foul when their totalitarian ways are challenged, yet they are the ones who aren’t gracious or civil enough to accept change or divergent views. So much for the party of tolerance and hope.

Quick shout-out to my followers!

Hi, fans of my blog! Sorry about the month of silence here, but due to sickness and other issues, I have not been in a place where I can access my full blog and have not been able to update. I appreciate your support via reading, commenting, and sharing my blog and I promise to be back soon!

Thanks again and happy writing!