Blog Challenge, Day 31: That’s a Wrap

I’ve come to the end of my month-long challenge, and of the 31 days in October, I missed 15 daily posts. Given that I posted a bonus, I’ll say that leaves me with a 14 count deficit, or two weeks unblogged. Is that the best I can do? No. Not by a long shot. I’ll attempt to post with more regularity from now on, as I really do appreciate your support via follows, likes, and comments.

This exercise has been good for me. I’ve noticed that when I miss a day, I can usually write the next day without much difficulty, but after 2 or 3 days I find it harder to put my thoughts into words. I have some ideas of how I can improve my writing based on this challenge. I would encourage any other bloggers who are struggling with writer’s block to force yourself to write more often. You really can push through and find inspiration, just start writing!

Other than a blog challenge wrap-up, there’s not much to write about. It’s Halloween, yet we haven’t had a single visitor so I guess we’ll have to eat the Tootsie rolls ourselves. Sacrifices, sacrifices….

I’m glad for the quiet. My youngest has had a migraine headache, so we’ve been sitting in the dark most of the afternoon. She takes after her mother with the headache sensitivity. The new fad at school is apparently strongly scented hand sanitizer, and while I appreciate the desire to kill germs it makes life miserable for those of us who begin feeling ill around strong fragrances. My youngest has it worse than I or my other kids, as she has severe eczema and allergies, so she not only gets a headache, but can actually break out in a rash just from scented sprays. That makes the new air freshener dispensers installed all over the school a touchy thing …

I can’t help but wish that instead of scents and copious amounts of topical alcohol, there was a sudden desire amongst the enrollees and staff to use good old soap and water. You remember soap and water, right? It’s that ancient form of cleansing we all used pre-germx. Good times. Kids used to have clean hands and not grimy, sanitized hands. I suppose cleansing rituals are taking away too much of our valuable classroom time, and we’ll never get those test scores up if children are focusing on silly things like proper hand-washing.

I’ve noticed some other unneeded courses have been cut, like wood shop and home ec. It would be a shame if our kids should learn something so mundane and useful at the expense of real intellectual pursuits like understanding global warming or how to eat healthy. I still get a little angry and amused when I think of how my oldest came home from 3rd grade telling me about how unhealthy pizza is with a free pizza buffet coupon in her backpack because she made honor roll. I took her to the buffet and explained to her that feeding her healthy food with an occasional treat was my job as her parent, and worrying about dieting was not something a 9 year old needed to be concerned about. I’m still highly annoyed with the school telling healthy children that eating their favorite foods is going to make them fat, especially when some of the teachers aren’t poster children for a healthy lifestyle. I’m guessing some of the suits in charge of education could stand to step away from the dinner table, yet they feel entirely righteous in this pursuit of making children afraid of food.

If I could suggest a different approach, I’d lay off the lessons in how everything you eat is going to make you fat and kill you. That isn’t going to cause children to make good choices so much as it’s going to encourage eating disorders. You could start by bringing back home ec. Have students plant and cultivate a garden. If you must have a ‘health class’ and talk about food, tell kids about the awesomeness of food! They’d be shocked to know that fruits and vegetables have vitamins and anti-oxidants, that food could make you healthier! As an anemic, I’ve had to learn which foods are higher in iron. My dad battled a life threatening disease and had to eat certain foods to regain his strength during recovery. This is interesting science! Don’t make kids fear food, teach them its benefits!

And while we’re on the subject… why not teach kids how to properly wash their hands while teaching them about germs? It’s science that’s actually useful.


2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge, Day 31: That’s a Wrap

  1. Sorry to hear about all that. The hypocritical double standard is indeed ridiculous. In our case we’re tired of our son coming home and complaining that I don’t walk or bike the 35 miles to work or that we turn on lights or use hot water. The eco-weenies are running amok too.

    • I’ve also been lectured on saving the planet. It’s disgusting to me, considering we live in a rural place where we’d literally have to ride our bikes down a highway to even reach a store that’s miles away. I told my kids there are more emissions from our farm from cow farts than from our vehicles and not to pay any attention to the ‘green’ lectures.

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