Buzzfeed Encourages Class Warfare With Sandy Hurricane Tweets; Hatred And Vitriol Ensues

A great look into the culture of envy from SooperMexican.



If this election is about anything, it’s about lady parts and the Republican war on them. Aside from that however, the Obama campaign has made a great effort to draw up animosity between normal Americans and those lucky and hard-working enough to become wealthy. If you honestly believe that no American can really get ahead unless they’re dragging down some corporation or CEO to do it, not only are you perverting a traditional American principle, but you’re probably on the Obama campaign team.

Or, you’re a mainstream media lapdog eager to lick Obama’s hind quarters.

Case in point, Buzzfeed, the up-and-coming novelty news website. During the terrible destruction that hurricane Sandy foisted upon the East Coast, they had the gall to post this idiotic clickbait:

This was under the headline, “The worst people during the hurricane.”

Really? People who are worried about their private property being destroyed

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