Blog Challenge, Day 26: More Free Crap

I was going to write about the ridiculous new Obama ad, which I’ve seen described favorably as ‘quirky’ and ‘cute’, but mostly as just creepy. I’ve read the message boards, and even on the hard-core leftist blogs I’m seeing people figuratively shake their heads at how disconnected the Obama campaign is. To my everlasting joy, I’ve seen this super creepy video convince women to vote for Romney because they’re just sick of being ‘sexualized’ by Obama with his ‘lady parts’ and ‘first time’ ads.

I was going to write about this latest self-destructive, crazy, liberal meme, but Steven Crowder made a parody video…. and well, it just doesn’t get any better than #MoreFreeCrap.

As a point of reference, here is the original ad (which to my delight you can find by Googling ‘creepy Obama ad’): Really Creepy Obama Ad

And now the hilarity and refreshing honesty of Steven’s parody: 

Yes, ladies, feminism has shifted from strong, independent woman to weak, totally dependent lady parts. Welcome to the Julia-ization of America, where we need government from cradle to grave and must make important decisions based on what’s best for our vagina. OR, you could, ya know, vote for the man who’s more interested in your resume and providing you with a job so you can look after your own lady…. issues.


4 thoughts on “Blog Challenge, Day 26: More Free Crap

  1. Keith says:

    While there are and will be numerous parodies of Teh Won’s creepy ad, real creepy ad, here is yet another one…. hope you like it too!

  2. Douglas says:

    Their fear mongering works with some of the population, however. I know a girl who went into college conservative and came out afraid of Romney. They target the emotions, not the head.

    • I know. I have friends who were once liberal, but all that changed when they began to ask questions. People are much more apt to support liberal ideals when they ignore logic for emotion.

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