Blog Challenge, Day 16: Debate Wrap-up

I’ll be brief, which is a skill that seems to elude Barack Obama:

Obama is a liar. He makes promises that he has no intention of keeping because he believes that people are too stupid to fact check him or check his record and sadly in many cases he is right.

If not for an occasional sob story, continuous references meant to invoke envy and class warfare, and faux ‘wars’ such as the ‘war on women’ Obama would have nothing, NOTHING, to fall back on.

We as a nation should be ashamed that this man was ever elected.

Mitt Romney may not be what anyone would consider ideal, but he is far better than the socialist currently in the White House. Romney was able to pass legislation as a Republican governor in a heavily Democratic state and he did it with bipartisan support. Obama couldn’t pass a budget with a majority House and Senate. Leaders lead, they don’t sit around and assign blame when they are cornered with questions as to why things haven’t been accomplished.

Shame on Obama for his lies, and shame on us for not protecting America, and double shame on those who would aid in the further destruction of this great country.


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