Blog Challenge, Day 15: A Day in the Life of a Hobbit

Recently I began reading The Hobbit again in anticipation of the movie release. Those who know me well are aware that I’m a huge Tolkien fan, so reading any of his work is quite pleasurable for me.

As I read Bilbo’s tale, I thought to myself, “I should live one day as Hobbit-y as I can, just to get into the spirit of things.” and so I did the two things Hobbits enjoy most today. That is, I ate (breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, & supper) and went for a nice walk.

I can report that the Hobbit diet is quite possibly the best diet on the planet. I wasn’t hungry once all day. I felt completely full and satisfied, yet I’ve not eaten more than I normally would, I’ve just eaten continuously. For instance, at dinner I had turnip greens and corn bread, and for supper I had tuna. Instead of having fish and vegetables at one meal, I simply had them separately. Tea was a delightful break in the day, and my kids enjoyed it (what with the china cups, flavored tea, and muffins). I would sincerely suggest trying this if you are attempting to diet; it makes you think about food all day (which dieters do obsessively) but in a good way (you always have another meal to plan, and you make better choices when not starving).

As for the walk outdoors, honestly it’s my preferred exercise. I’m not much of a runner as I enjoy a slower pace to appreciate the beauty around me. Even if you don’t feel like exercising, a few minutes in the sunshine vastly improves one’s mood. The dog enjoyed the walk as much as the kids enjoyed tea. Everyone wins!

This small experiment in living like a Hobbit for a day was so successful, I’m thinking of trying it again tomorrow. If it takes, you may well find me sitting at my front door blowing smoke rings and saying a jolly “Good morning!” just as Bilbo did at the beginning of his tale. Just don’t expect me to go thieving from dragons!

*Hobbit squee!*




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