Blog Challenge, Day 14: Shame

Definition of SHAME

a : a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety
b : the susceptibility to such emotion <have you no shame?>

: a condition of humiliating disgrace or disrepute : ignominy <the shame of being arrested>
a : something that brings censure or reproach; also : something to be regretted : pity <it’s a shame you can’t go>
b : a cause of feeling shame

Too often in our current age, it is considered wrong to feel shame or to cause another to feel shame. It’s considered detrimental to our self-esteem and indicative of bullying. Everyone is so determined to silence anything that they could define, by any stretch of the imagination, as bullying, that they often cannot see what is lost. Shame. Why should we feel shame? Well because we are sometimes guilty, and improper, and disreputable. When we feel as if we should be free of shame, we give ourselves the false impression that we should not regret our actions or be censured for them. It’s a delicate thing, this issue of shame. No one wants to feel it, but looking back in our lives haven’t we felt it? Didn’t we see clearly our shortcomings and strive to do better? Shame seems to evoke either a desire of improvement or anger at the perceived source of guilt, but to live without shame is to feel too self-important for any sort of correction. Without correction there is no respect: no respect for authority, for others, or for one’s self.

Just a thought


2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge, Day 14: Shame

  1. Shame serves an important function in our lives and in society at large. To the extent we’ve lost it, and we certainly have, we have debased ourselves, and made our lives less dignified.

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