Blog Challenge, Day 9: Sage Advice

I’m trying to get my daily post in before I relax. I’m pretty sure once I unwind the prospect of blogging will be less than appealing.

This morning I got a call about my grandmother. She was being taken to the E.R. and by the time I picked up my kids from school she was settled in a room.

Congestive heart failure.

This isn’t the first time we thought we were looking at the end for her, so I’m not going to write her off just yet. She has a habit of proving everyone wrong. The fact is, mamaw has a weak heart, terrible arthritis, and she’s in her late 80’s. She can’t hear well, but she sees everything and is not shy about telling people just what she thinks about them.

One thing mamaw always said to me sounds similar to another quote from a movie you may have seen. Mamaw always said, “Pretty is as pretty does.” I kid you not. She explained that a pretty girl that acts ugly to other people is going to be known as an ugly person, and a homely girl that is kind will be seen as an angel.

I don’t know why she thought it so imperative for me to know that, but I’m glad. I’m glad she taught me the importance of seeing a person’s character. Too many people are dazzled by the beautiful and glamorous. They can’t see past their prejudice to even notice how lovely humility and conviction can be.

I know I’m not always pretty. Sometimes I’m all mom-i-fied in my sweatpants and t-shirts and look hideous, and sometimes I’m small and petty and feel hideous. Of the two, being the unglamorous mom is not so bad, but being ashamed of myself for being a small person is hard to live with.

I hope that I can improve the look of my inner person, and pass down the wisdom to my own daughters…

“Pretty is as pretty does.”


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