Blog Challenge, Day 7: Elementary it is, young Padawan.

As you may know, I’m a bit of a book nerd. One of my favorite genres is mystery and one of my favorite authors is Agatha Christie. I’ve always enjoyed her stories about Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, just as I enjoy Doyle’s Holmes. There’s something about investigation in an age before forensics and technology that fascinates me. The study of behavior and the attention to detail (such as which wrist one wore their watch on or whether or not there was dust on the cuff of the pants) makes for a longer and more personal process. I still enjoy both fiction and non-fiction crime shows touting forensic investigation, but Christie makes for a nice change of pace.

Lately I’ve been delighted to find the Masterpiece Mystery: Marple series on Netflix. Masterpiece Mystery and I are good friends, and being able to watch my favorite shows on my own time makes every day feel like my birthday. As a mom I do loads of laundry (as in, you could fill a U-haul with the clothes I wash and fold every week), so having a favorite show to watch makes the folding process less tiresome.

Of course, with kids around I don’t always get to watch what I want. There’s been plenty of My Little Pony and H2O viewing as well (they aren’t so bad… I even enjoyed them the first 15 times). Imagine my joy when my oldest child sat down to watch Marple with me and fell in love with the series! She has even chosen to turn an episode on when we’d have the free time! This girl who could be watching Wizards of Waverly Place or Good Luck Charlie is not just humoring her mother’s love of all things nerdy, she’s participating!

My sweet girl whom I read to every night as a baby, who never met a book she liked until 5th grade, is now asking me to take her to Books-a-million for fun and she wants to watch Miss Marple with me!!

**happy dance**

I didn’t think I could possibly be any happier with this child until our conversation tonight after an episode of Marple in which a young lady asks “Miss Marple, how can I ever be as good as you?” to which Marple replies, “Get older.” My daughter then turns to me and says “Miss Marple is like Yoda.”

**happy dance, click the heels, do a jig**

Star Wars reference?!? Girly, you’ve made your mama so proud!

Doing something right, I must be.



5 thoughts on “Blog Challenge, Day 7: Elementary it is, young Padawan.

  1. Have you ever read Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe? You would love it. Most prolific American crime writer.

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