Blog Challenge, Day 5: Still hanging in there.

Technically, it’s after midnight, which makes this day 6. Since my kids have only been in bed about 30 minutes, and since it’s still Oct. 5 on the west coast, I’m calling this day 5’s post. Yes, I skipped day 4. Shame on me, and shame on you for letting me get away with it!

What this experience has taught me so far is that it’s extremely hard to schedule blogging (at least for me). I had a great idea for a post yesterday (well, the 4th), but I was busy and since previously I had written around 10 I put it off instead of making time for it. We see how well that worked out. I’ll have to be more flexible if I’m to post often.

I suppose that’s why I was advised by another blogger when I started to write that I should write more than one post at a time so as to have reserves when I’m too tired or busy to ‘blog from scratch’ (so to speak). That’s good advice for regular blogging, but as this is a month-long daily challenge I feel it’s a bit unfair to employ this method for the time being, though I can’t claim to have successfully employed it as yet.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to ‘write ahead’. I suppose the ideas feel stale when left as a draft. I like that there are always new happenings, new ideas to ponder, new things to write about. I suppose it has to do with my attention span, or maybe it’s just my nature to be curious and inquisitive. Both, perhaps. The problem with news is that it generally has a short shelf life. That’s one reason why I decided to do a daily blog challenge. I was tripping myself up, obsessing over what to write, letting the issue grow until I couldn’t put it into words. I would sit down to write and get lost in research.

So daily blogging seemed like a good idea, to get myself comfortable with the process and to understand that it won’t be perfect. It can’t be perfect. Another veteran writer whom I admire approved of the idea and encouraged me. I’m very grateful and blessed to have the support that I do.

The last bit of advice I was given concerning writing/blogging from my ‘boss’ over at Misfit Politics ( was to read Shakespeare. If you’re working with words it can’t hurt to read a famous wordsmith, of course. This seems like good advice, especially given that I like a sort of cadence when I write. It also got me thinking that I should read more just for fun. It’s not that I don’t enjoy everything I read – I refuse to suffer through a lot of nonsense – but my choices lately have been more informative than purely pleasure reads. I should remind myself why I fell in love with words.

So that is a summary of my challenge so far, and the advice I’ve been given and am attempting to take and put into practice. If you’d like to add any advice of your own, feel free to comment!


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