Life in the Spin Cycle

So I started this blog, and I have no idea what my first post should be. Considering I’m pondering this while I do my best impersonation of “housekeeping” I’ve decided to go with an old poem I wrote, only posting it in a new format like a beautifully re-gifted present from last year’s Christmas party. It’s a combination of housewifery and Bible-thumping, and can best be classified as delightful nonsense. Enjoy!

I prepare the loads before me

in the presence of my washer;

I annoint the water with Downy;

the hamper runs over.

Surely Gain and Clorox

shall follow me

all the days of my life;

and I will shop

in the aisles of Walmart



3 thoughts on “Life in the Spin Cycle

  1. Barbara Tims Minter says:

    How lovely, Shannon! This brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes, when teaching, I wondered “Why am I doing this? Why am I toiling so laboriously for this school? Why didn’t I just become a lawyer or have the sense to pursue a career with fewer expectations, with fewer people to hold me accountable, and with fewer souls to try to nurture?” Then, I interact with former students, see their worthy accomplishments, and think that perhaps i had a wee, wee hand in bringing their goals or dreams to fruition. That’s when my questions are answered. I know deep within me that God brought me to teaching, and while I made numerous mistakes–undoubtedly more than appropriate actions, He blessed me, and now in retirement I can discover all of these wonderful things–such as this first blog of yours which is so delightful. I hope many will read it and get a blessing, as I did, from it.

  2. You did a wonderful job! I often look at my writing and see red marks everywhere, though ;-). You were a stickler for editing! I wish now I could remember more of those lessons! Thank you so much for teaching me. For everyone who enjoys this blog you should reach around and give yourself a pat on the back!

  3. Barbara Tims Minter says:

    I do believe enough of those lessons stayed with you. You were and are a wonderful writer. Content is important, also, not just the meticulous aspects of sentence structure and grammar. You certainly have a fine quality with content and an excellent grasp of the finer points of grammar, etc.

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