Jesus didn’t care about being nice or tolerant, and neither should you

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There is no shortage of heresies these days.

If you want to adopt some blasphemous, perverted, fun house mirror reflection of Christianity, you will find a veritable buffet of options. You can sift through all the variants and build your own little pet version of the Faith. It’s Ice Cream Social Christianity: make your own sundae! (Or Sunday, as it were.)

And, of all the heretical choices, probably the most common — and possibly the most damaging — is what I’ve come to call the Nice Doctrine.

The propagators of the Nice Doctrine can be seen and heard from anytime any Christian takes any bold stance on any cultural issue, or uses harsh language of any kind, or condemns any sinful act, or fights against evil with any force or conviction at all. As soon as he or she stands and says ‘This is wrong, and I will not compromise,’…

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You Matter

What is your value?
What is your purpose?
What sets you apart?

These questions enter the minds of most people during their lives and cause them to introspect and take stock of their goals in life. Everyone will answer the questions differently because no one has the same life experience, the same advantages, or the same ambition.

The same questions are asked by political junkies, but it’s less introspection and more general critique of one another. I’ve seen this especially in the conservative political set; we all seem to be measuring one another’s effectiveness by different standards.

There is the activist that believes true effectiveness is “boots on the ground”: knocking on doors, making calls, writing letters. The blogger believes in the advancement of ideas through media; making the case to support a cause or policy with thoughtful, well-researched articles. There is the pontificator that thinks gaining ground happens in the real-time free flow of ideas online and in person, the media maven who believes videos will reach more people in our entertainment-loving society, and the quiet soul that wishes only to stand in solidarity with his conservative brother and strengthen one another’s convictions and arguments so that they can better defend their positions.

So who is most valuable? Which one of those subgroups have more impact or purpose in the conservative movement?

According to many, I’m pretty useless as a political tool in the conservative shed. I haven’t worked on a campaign staff, I don’t knock on doors or make calls, and I rarely even blog. What value do I have? I don’t question my own value, but I know many people do. They may not know they’re talking about me because they’re usually speaking in very broad terms about another group of people that they feel aren’t doing as much as they themselves are, at least according to their own standards of effectiveness.

I don’t have to wonder if I’m making a difference because I know that I am. My life has pretty well been dedicated to my kids. I gave up many of my own ambitions to focus on being a mother. I have been blessed to explain current events and politics to my children in a way that they can understand and engage their minds in a topic that, quite frankly, not many adults can comprehend. I know that I have a duty to inform them so that when they are able to vote they can do so with some measure of understanding, giving serious thought to the gravity of their choices. I also want them to be able to make a compelling argument to their peers and be able to defend their positions to their teachers. We often talk about the heavily biased education our kids receive from public schools and universities, so I’m actively preparing my children to go out into a world that is not friendly to their ideas and to engage that world and hopefully change it.

Does that have no value?

I have changed minds about gun control and abortion through simple conversation. I’ve encouraged other conservatives by being bold enough to shout down the bullies. I’ve strengthened my friends’ arguments just as they’ve strengthened mine through discussion of ideas and the sharing of information. I know this because people have told me that I’ve made a difference in their lives.

Does my chatter have no purpose?

I don’t have to wonder if my small efforts within the arena of politics have value. I know they do. They may not be big, or public, or acknowledged, but they have gained us ground and have strengthened us as a group. Do I think I’m better than any other blogger or activist? No. We’re all working for a common goal here, or should be, so I’m happy to let you do what you do best while I make small improvements in the world around me. Your efforts help me, just as my efforts help you. If I can change a person’s mind, that’s another reader for you. That’s possibly another person knocking on doors. That’s another person to have your back when you’re under attack for defending the Constitution.

So don’t lose heart when you wonder if you’re making a difference. If you are making a case for conservatism, in whatever form it takes, then you are making a difference. You are helping others find their voice, you are encouraging your conservative brothers, and you are getting the message out one small voice at a time. A multitude of small voices is more resounding than a single person yelling into the void.

You matter. You have value. No go be awesome.

Race, Justice, and Civility

I’ve been watching all the drama of the Zimmerman case unfold for quite a while, and I have to say I’m beginning to despair of society’s ability to apply critical thought to an issue without clouding their judgement with emotion.
There are three points I’d like to make after giving lots of thought to this case:
1) Race was a factor in the events of that night.
The truth is that Zimmerman was following Martin that night in part because of Martin’s appearance.
Given the fact that there had been burglaries in the area, and that the suspect had been described as a young black male, it stands to reason that Zimmerman would view Martin with some suspicion. Other factors also fed this suspicion, not just race. Zimmerman might have over-reacted to the possible threat, but you have to concede that he was justified in reporting Martin’s presence to police based on the information he was working with.
Now the part where this case gets sticky…
Whether Zimmerman was justified in pursuing Martin or not, I can’t say. Up until this point, Zimmerman had been acting in the interest of the community. I believe he got a little over-zealous, but as with so much of the commentary on this, it’s speculation.
So race played a part in this drama in that Martin fit the description of a burglar, and before I hear any more hysterics over “profiling”, I’d like to ask this: why are black males responsible for such a high percentage of crime? If you want to not be viewed suspectly, then perhaps you should do something about the thug culture, fatherless households, or whatever else it is that leads your young men to behave badly in society.
2) Justice has prevailed.
Most of the furor over the “injustice” of the Zimmerman verdict is based on incorrect perceptions. There is an assumption, which is fed by race hustlers and the media, that Zimmerman shot Martin because he was black. NO. Zimmerman shot Martin because Martin was beating the hell out of him. Based on Zimmerman’s injuries he had a justifiable reason to use deadly force; he feared for his life. The escalation of events which led to this will continue to divide people over this case, but the simple truth is this: Martin could have responded to Zimmerman’s pursuit without violence, but once violence had been initiated the dynamic shifted. This was no longer an annoying and over-zealous neighborhood watchman and a teen on a late night snack run, this was a violent altercation between two men. The media have tried to turn favor toward Martin in this by referring to him as a child. He was a minor, for sure, but he was not a small and defenseless tot. It’s worth pointing out that young men a few months older than Trayvon sacrifice their lives daily in our military. They are young men, not boys.
3) Politicians, celebrities, and the media need to stop inciting incivility.
You may strongly disagree with me on one or both of my previous points, but breaking laws and attacking people is not going to bring about any sort of justice; on the contrary, it only breeds more hate for both sides of the divide. Just as it did the night Martin was shot, violence breeds violence. You cannot perpetuate the same crimes you accuse others of and call it justice: it’s not justice, it’s revenge. REVENGE IS NOT JUSTICE.
The media has been morbidly gleeful over the possibility of riots “for Trayvon.” The vast majority of rioters probably only showed up because the cameras were rolling in anticipation and people will do anything to get on tv nowadays. Celebrities have used their bullhorn of fame to stoke embers of anger in fans who have little knowledge of the case, but are easily swayed by opinion. Most repugnant to me is the way our political “leaders” have declared they want justice for this supposed crime , but have willfully ignored crimes of greater magnitude or with clearer evidence of racial hate. The seeds of division were sown and now they are all carefully tending their gardens of hate at the cost of true justice and civility. It’s maddening. Leadership should not produce such rancid fruit.
The thing to remember in all of this is that you do no service to humanity by continuing to stoke the fires of hate. The Martins have lost a young man dear to them. The Zimmermans have lost their peace of mind. Trayvon will always be missed by his family and friends. George will live with the terrible knowledge that he ended a man’s life, and the Zimmerman family will live in fear of revenge vigilantism. Each person who allows hate to fester will live without real joy.
Destroying property and attacking people will never bring closure. There have been revenge murders against whites and Hispanics for no reason other than revenge for a perceived injustice. Facts, laws, respect, and sanctity of life be damned. Is this how you honor your dead?? If so, you’re worse than barbaric. You’re petty and simple and full of evil.
I dearly hope that we can all stop talking at each other and insulting each other. We need a return of civility. Our country and our communities cannot survive without it.
“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

This One’s for my Homies

As you well know if you follow this blog, I’ve been inactive for a few months. I hit a major rut and lost my inspiration. I don’t know why I felt so completely incapable of putting together a reasonably coherent post; perhaps a perfect storm of ADD, doubt, and self-criticism kept me literarily mute. (Yes, I just made that word up.) I was overwhelmed by the amount of news assaulting my mind and demanding my notice. I couldn’t focus enough on anything else to bother with an attempt.
Truth be told, I had plenty to say. I didn’t crawl into a hole and stop observing the world, but I’d gotten comfortable with pithy responses and began to doubt I could formulate a more well-thought out response than would fill a sentence or two. I would create a draft, do a bit of research, and then tell myself that this was all old news anyway and no one would care anymore.
That’s why, when prompted by friends and followers, I decided to grit my teeth and get back up on the blog-horse (to amalgamate some metaphors) and just break through the writer’s block by force of will.
I have no illusions that this will result in any devastatingly spectacular prose. For now it is enough to simply string words together and form sentences that result in a conclusive idea.
I know that the people who have encouraged me to return to this form of media and expression aren’t demanding Pulitzer-prize winning posts from me… yet, anyway. They simply missed, for some reason known only to themselves, my views on life, politics, spirituality, or any of the other topics that I sometimes opine on. Their encouragement is why I’m back in the writer’s chair (or bed, as it were).
So to those dear folk; the friends, followers, and fellow writers; thank you.
Thank you for nudging and prodding me back into using the written word to share my thoughts and experiences. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for believing me capable of this when I doubted myself.
This one’s for you, my homies. I pour out these words on the fertile ground of the internet. Peace. ;-)

The Leader Of The Free World Knows NOTHING About Benghazi Whistleblowers? Whaa?

The Leader Of The Free World Knows NOTHING About Benghazi Whistleblowers? Whaa?

I promise to get back into my blogging groove later on today and regale you with my witticisms, but while you wait go check out these Chicks and tell me if Obama’s declarations of ignorance don’t sound a little hinky to you? Do his advisers not constantly update him?? Obama’s weak assertions smell like something that fell out of the back end of a bull to me.

Remembering a Legend

It’s been a hard year for the conservative movement. One year ago today we lost Breitbart. Then we witnessed the most radical left-wing president in our country’s history get re-elected. We’ve witnessed the grief and division of our friends and mentors and it has hurt us. It has hurt us all.

We found ourselves adrift after the sudden loss of our captain, that lion of liberty, Andrew Breitbart. I felt his loss even though I’m newly come to this world of blogging and citizen journalism. I know others mourn him more deeply than I do.

Long before I ever tweeted or blogged a single thought, I was hooked on the Bigs. I read Big Journalism obsessively. I don’t think it would ever have occurred to me to take up the torch of activism without people like Breitbart, their inspiration and encouragement. For me, it started with hearing that lone voice speaking truth. Once truth takes hold of your mind, you can’t ignore it. I had to share – information, resources, ideas. It became my passion.

I’ve seen my own small efforts realize results. When I would share articles and information it began to spark conversation and debate. Even here, where conservative ideals reign there was anger over speaking truth plainly. Friends would tell me privately, “I completely agree with you. Thank you for being brave enough to say something,” and I would thank them and tell them it was enough to know that someone was listening. With each step towards activism I gained confidence, but it wasn’t until others found their voice that I felt as if I’d accomplished something.

I’ve witnessed the silent majority grow tired of getting brow-beaten with the politically correct government approved messaging. I’ve seen them begin their own campaigns for truth, heard them speak out against misinformation. Sometimes all it takes is knowing you aren’t alone.

Today I remember Andrew Breitbart in my own small way. My intent is not to increase your grief or leave you in tears over the loss of such a great man. What I want to do is honor his work and that spark of passion and genius in him that ignited a movement.

So here’s to Big thinking,

To reaching millions through conservative radio programs,

To bringing down a President with just a blue dress,

To hijacking press conferences,

To exposing the corruption of ACORN,

To the peaceful protest of the TEA party,

To bullying the bullies of occupy.

Here’s to the spark that lit a fire in all of us, may we hold the torch of liberty high and light other fires along our way.

R.I.P. Andrew


The Hypocrisy of Liberal Feminism

Remember when the GOP was accused of perpetuating a “war on women” because we felt Sandra Fluke should buy her own birth control rather than demand a Christian school disregard its moral imperative and provide contraception/abortion drugs? It seemed a simple enough concept that Fluke could have bought insurance through another provider or simply paid for her drugs out of pocket since she was economically secure enough to attend a law school, but to the liberal left it was deemed sexist to deny Fluke this one avenue of access to birth control amid so many others available to her even if by granting her request she and her champions of feminism trampled on the religious rights of a Christian university.

Then there was that issue that the professional pearl-clutchers of the liberal left had with Mitt’s “binders full of women”, meaning of course the resumes he received upon request because he felt women were under-represented in government and he planned to hire competent, professional women in his administration. The irony of the faux outrage over this particular “war” was that these defenders of female equality petulantly ignored the fact that Obama’s administration was run like a political boys’ club, with women being paid 18% less than their male counterparts. Yet we were expected to believe that the man who wanted to hire women was anti-woman?

The condescending vultures of equality were cackling with glee when along came Akin and his ignorant remarks about women’s bodies being able to “shut down” a pregnancy resulting from rape. They finally had something to be legitimately offended at after all their cries of sexist wolf. They were beyond elated to find that when they flung their political poo, some of it actually stuck, and they increased their cries of HATE!, MISOGYNY!, and SEXISM! while parading around in vagina costumes and pontificating about the plight of the downtrodden American female.

Good times, huh?

One has to wonder where all this passionate feminism retreated to when instead of a Republican politician talking about binders it was a Democrat Senator who was being investigated for a list of offenses, including having sex with underage girls. Amazing how the liberal screeching about “war on women” stops cold in the face of actual abuse.

It is also quite telling that when Akin made his comments about “legitimate rape” he was immediately the target of rape threats and death threats…. not just directed at him, but at his family as well. Such is leftist tolerance. Akin’s point was that children who are the product of rape shouldn’t be punished, but that the rapist should be. His bigger point was lost when he spoke ignorantly, confusing biology and statistics, and he was excoriated by the left.

Enter Democrat Rep. Salazar a few months later. Salazar took a page from Akin’s book and turned it into a novel with even more idiotic embellishments. Rep. Salazar was arguing in favor of the nanny state’s latest assault on freedom, namely gun control, when he condescended to women in the most atrocious way possible short of pulling a Bill Clinton or Kennedy-esque type stunt and personally assaulting them. Rather than physically attacking women himself, the Democrat representative simply wants to make it easier for other men to assault women! You see, Salazar suggested that women attending college are too high strung to be trusted with firearms for self-defense. He said we may “feel” as if we are going to be raped, but that we may not be in any danger of actually being raped. His suggestion? Blow a whistle or hope that your attacker respects a “safe zone.” (Because we all know how rapists respect boundaries. Cue *eyeroll*)

Please just take a moment and let that sink in…

What could possibly go wrong with Salazar’s well-intended attempt to save mankind from the histrionics of confused, unhinged females when, in a show of liberal-grade we-know-better-than-you stupidity, the University of Colorado (UCCS) actually advised women to scream, run away, take your abuse like a good little girl, explain you’re menstruating, and vomit or otherwise soil yourself. Salazar and the UCCS do not feel you should endanger your attacker but should make yourself a less desirable victim.

Less desirable, perhaps, but still a victim.

Yes, the party that fancies themselves champions of women’s rights and equality have a politician who openly stated that he wished to infringe upon the Constitutional rights of women because he feels they may be confused in their tiny female brains about what an actual sexual attack is. After the Akin debacle you would think that Salazar would be debased in equal measure, but the irony is that liberals are less offended at a case of legitimate misogyny than they are at the well-deserved mockery of such sneering idiocy.

Seriously… even if I tried really hard and clicked my heels together 3 times, I couldn’t make this up.

Rather than attack a fellow liberal over insanely stupid comments questioning the emotional stability of women, liberal harpies are attacking people who call out Salazar on his misogyny!

(Solidarity! Or something…)

Liberals have spent so much time chasing victimhood down the rabbit-hole that they can no longer comprehend life without it. While conservatives are saying “Don’t be a victim. Arm yourself; defend yourself! If anyone is going to wet their pants it should be your attacker (after he gets a good look at your Glock),” liberals are incensed at what they call “victim-blaming.”


Rather than deal with the reality that rape happens, liberals are furious that we would dare suggest that women may need to actually protect themselves against violence. They honestly feel that to prevent rape, you simply shouldn’t rape!

Well, that’s just fantastic advice! If I ever pass by a mirror and feel a sudden urge to rape myself I’ll simply breathe deeply and talk myself out of it! Then I’ll walk to a “safe zone” so that I’m absolutely 100% sure that I won’t assault myself in some way.

Yes, friends, the uproar from those stalwart defenders of women’s rights is directed at those of us who know that there is evil in the world and who would trust women to defend themselves against it rather than suggest that women are simply over-emotional and incapable of recognizing a legitimate threat.

But what do I know? I’m just a woman.

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